CAPitalize Your Finances AND Health with Dr. Rand McClain

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CAPitalize Your Finances AND Health with Dr. Rand McClain

It IS possible to live both a physically and a financially healthy life. Join Chris Panagiotu and Dr. Rand McClain to learn more on today’s episode of CAPitalize Your Finances!

Today, Christopher Panagiotu welcomed a rather unique guest to his show. Dr. Rand McClain, a hormone replacement specialist and the author of the book "Cheating Death: The New Science of Living Longer and Better," joined the program. Christopher expressed his excitement about having Dr. McClain on the show to discuss a topic that is rarely addressed: the relationship between health and finance.



There was a wealth of intriguing questions to explore during the interview. Christopher inquired about how Dr. McClain's health journey influenced his perspective on optimizing his finances. They delved into topics such as the potential for curing and eliminating autoimmune diseases, the barriers to accessing healthcare, and the impact of understanding factors like telomeres on extending people's life expectancy.