Weight Management

Managing our body composition, usually involving efforts to decrease fat and maximize muscle tissue, is a multi-faceted part of health maintenance. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle (sleep, disposition, work, etc.), hormones and genes all affect our ability to manipulate our body composition. Doing so is matter of inches, literally and figuratively, by evaluating and making changes to the various components affecting the body.

Various weight management programs are offered from the most general guidelines of exercise, diet and lifestyle to specific and comprehensive daily dietary plans and exercise programs and weekly measurement of body composition using InBody 770, (the most accurate biological impedance device available that correlates to the “Gold Standard” DEXA scan measurements).

Supplements with proven efficacy in either reducing fat deposition or formation such as EGCG, L-carnitine, and Lipo-C (invented by Dr. McClain) as well as appetite suppressants such as phentermine and topiramate can be utilized where appropriate to help reduce fat. Additional supplements such as high quality protein, branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s), beta-alanine and creatine can be used to help promote muscle gains.

Evaluation and balancing of hormones can be used to leverage proper nutrition, adequate sleep and the right type of exercise to also help create muscle mass (synonymous with “metabolism”).

Z.E.N. (Zero Effort Nutrition) Foods, a gourmet food delivery service, in conjunction with a nutritionist can provide convenient meals tailored to our patients who do not want a “do-it-yourself” approach that can often be difficult to maintain.

For patients who want the most comprehensive and detailed evaluation of their diet, Philip Goglia, PhD. provides consultation typically on a weekly basis that includes constant evaluation and revision of diet and nutrition based upon results achieved. Dr. Goglia has a long history in providing nutrition to those actors, athletes, and other professionals who depend upon maintaining their body composition and dietary needs for performance.

For more specific information on Dr. Goglia’s comprehensive system of weight management, please click here.